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This was the first international Shooting Days event. The photoshoots were hold in Oostende. I rent an appartment for the models and the photographers who were invited.

The basics of what would become the “Shooting Days” were defined here: an international collaboration of photographers and models, an appartment (and later a complete house), a weeklong event during school vacation, and nice shooting places in the surroundings.

At that time, i already knew a lot about photography (repairing optical systems for cameras) but it's quite different to work with real models compared with recording color bars and GretagMacbeth charts to adjust the color balance. The best way to learn everyting about model photography was to work with a professional photographer, and that's what i did.

The first historic Shooting days took place in june 2004 in Ostend. I'm living there, so i know the interesting places in the region. At that time they were still interesting shooting locations (most of them have been destroyed now to make room for appartments and office space: Belliard Polyship, Morubel, Wagon-Lits, Halve Maan,...). There was also some seightseeing involved and we went to the Grand-Place in Brussels.

A second event was held in august, but only during a week-end. It was the beginning of the digital era and most professional photographers were still shooting on film. I used a Sony DSC-F828 (one of the first good digital cameras).

Ostend, 2004

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