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International Shooting Day event in Munich, June 2008.
Three photographers were associated for this photoshoot activity.

It's not allowed to take pictures on the railway tracks. In Belgium it's not allowed either, but in our country the policeman don't bother to intervene. That's different in Germany, and even to a greater extend in Bayern, a land that is different and more strict than the other lands of Germany.

We went to different sites in Germany, a waste reprocessing plant where metals are being recycled, and a fitness centre. Fotoshoots in the fitness were planned again in 2011 and in the following years.

The old steel factory in Sulzbach-Rosenberg (Maxhutte) that we visited the year before was nearly destroyed, and the local photographer told us that there was nothing interesting anymore on the site.

The photographic style between Germany and Belgium is quite different, with Germany still using very static Greek-style poses and Belgium going for dynamic and expressive poses. We had only one day to work with the german models, while we needed at least three days to learn them how to pose.

The german models thought they could pose, but in fact they were just standing. They knew up to two poses, and that's all. They were not aware of the available accessories they could use, they were unable to use the light. In fact they were just waiting for instructions, as precise as possible. They would not be able to compete as model in Belgium. All the pictures of this shooting were cropped to the square format (used by the Kodak 126 film format (Instamatic) and some roll film). The square format seems to be better suited for masculine models.

Munich, 2008

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