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The international Shooting days in France, september 2008

The week begins badly, with models not very motivated and the photographer who invited them not able to control his models. The models are not ready until noon, and then it's alredy too late to make goog pictures because the sun is too strong. The best sun is in the early morning and in the evening (and mostly in the early morning because the light is just right at the bunkers nearby).

It seemed the models were not informated that there would be a photoshoot in the morning and one in the afternoon. It's a problem that's inherent for this sort of event, where each photographer can bring his own models. One person behaves badly, and the whole atmosphere is marred.

There was a swap during the week end, with a change of photographers and models and an overlap on saturday. The house that we rented in France is large enough to accommodate two groups, and this swap allows two groups to enjoy the stay. The photographic style is completely different during the week-end.

There was a hash smoker in both groups. Drugs are not allowed in the Shooting Days and models are removed from the shootings. One of the models was so high on drugs that he forgot his laptop computer and a suitcase with his clothes when the group was leaving.

Two exemples of different styles: one model, two photographers
Denis-Wöhler and Guy Croisiaux.

Shooting Days 2008

There were two important Shooting days in 2008:
one in Munich in june and one in France in september

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