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2010 was one of our most busy years, with different single-day shootings events and Shooting Days.

The plant of Duisburg-Nord contained only blast furnaces (and ancillary facilities like a power plant that was working on blast furnace gas, water treatment and hot air generation with cowpers) but no downstream production. The pig irom was transformed into steel and milled in other plants in the region.

The blast furnaces of Duisburg were closed in 1985 due to a general overcapacity in Europe. There was too much steel available and the demand for new steel was not enough to keep all plants active. Large shipsyards closed at that time. The post-war reconstruction came to and end. The oil crisis happened some 10 years ago, but the last effects were only felt 10 years later, in 1985.

The blast furnaces of Duisburg are preserved in a “Landscahtspark”, some sort of a theme park. Its possible to climb to the top of the main blast furnace and there are information panels on the site.

Scoutmodelbook provided for the German models during the two-days shooting event.

Each of the three photographers worked with one or two of the models for one day.

Each year, there is at least one photoshoot event together with Scoupmodelbook.

Duisburg 2010

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