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2010 was one of our most busy years, with different single-day shootings events and Shooting Days.

In addition to the Shooting Days, we organise also different single days events on a top location. In 2009 we went to “Transfo”, this time we organised the photoshoot in a loft that's used for commercials. A lot of commercials that are made in Belgium are recorded in this loft.

Access to the loft was quite expensive (and actually too expensive for a single photographer), but the cost of the shooting could be paid by our advertisement revenues and four photographers were present. A model agency send us their new models so they could get a decent portfolio. The images here are mostly "backstage" style.

This was the last event of 2010, and also the last fotoshoot that was organised under the name "DAP Models Academy". A new organisation was created during the winter of 2010-2011.

Fotoshoot loft (glamour)

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