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This is one of the Shooting Days organised by BMA (Belgium Model Academy). The Shooting Days of 2014 will be hold at the same location.

We arrive at night. The roads are dimly lit and there is some fog. This was the first time that the shootings are organised in octobre (the last Shooting Days of each season are held in septembre). The week before i had to drive to Mulhouse (near the Swiss border) for an training, and i can't stay for a long period in my car. Ibuprofen will kill the pain, but after two or three grams i'm feeling woozy. I had to take painkillers for nearly the whole week. Normally i fully enjoy my vacation and the Shooting days, but not this time. Sometimes, i could barely walk during the day...

The "tonw" of Durbuy in the background, as seen from the graveyard

4 octobre
Doing some shopping in town

We need to buy stuff for the next days, because we'll have not much time between the shootings. Durbuy is a nice village, but a really small one, and in half a day you've seen all that's to be seen. The smallest town of Belgium has only one main road.

It's a typical village that caters for tourists: the main road is full of small shops and restaurants. Eating out is expensive and not so good. There is a "superette" in Barvaux.

There is no free parking in the small town. It's quite expensive: 1.60€/hour. It's not possible to park outside town, the roads are "main roads" (parking not allowed). At the end, the tourists will go to another town that is more cheap.

The small town is nearly empty during the week and full of tourists during the week-ends. There is not a single parking lot available, even at 1.6€/hour. Like all small towns (and Durbuy is a very small town...) the young people are leaving the city. The only cafe that caters for the youth is bankrupt and there is no pharmacy anymore (i know, i needed a shot of iboprofen...)

5 octobre
Shooting @ Durbuy

The french people are arriving at night. The french models and photographer are coming from South of Paris, and the only way to avoid traffic jams is to drive at night. There is only one road in town, and some roads outside of the city, but the house is difficult to find because there are no streetname plates. The french navigation system stopped working at the border, and there is still hundred km to drive...

After a rest for the driving photographer and the models, we'll go on exploration. Our aim is to take pictures in the evening, when the street lights are on. The small town is quite boring during the day.

One of the main places of Durbuy (actually one of the only places in the city) is the anticlinal. Best time to go is in the evening.

Between the shootings, the photographers of BMA gave some information about model agencies, catwalk, mister belgium competitions and so on. The usual stuff. The models get a list of agencies (real ones) and information how to become visible as a model: registration on modelling sites, own facebook page as model (without any chit-chat and comments, only portfolio pictures and contact information). More modelling agencies are looking at facebook profiles when they are looking for a special type of model, and they will contact the models with the most professional portfolio. There are actually quite a lot of modelling agencies in Belgium, but we only need some 200 professional models. If you are not aware, you will end paying recurring registration fees without any hope of a real commercial shooting if you register at the wrong agency. Those fake agencies will ask you big money for a registration fee, for a catwalk training, for a photoshoot, while the aim of BMA is to provide those services for free.

After the shoot, the pictures are uploaded to the computer and the models discuss the poses. Thats why those shooting days are so important: you get a real feedback, and not some worthless facebook likes from friends and girrrls.

6 octobre
Shooting Duisburg (blast furnaces)

I was staying at the home, too much back pain to drive two long hours to Duisburg. The french models and their photographer were leaving for Duisburg. A german casting agency will be there with their own models.

In the evening, we're goint to eat at “La Calèche”. Dining is expensive and not so good, but this is the only location where we can get free internet. The next days, we well go again to the restaurant, but only to pick up the internet signal at the door. I have to explain why i wasn't present at the rendez-vous in Duisburg. Like all french people, the french photographer could not speak a single word of english (nor german, of course) and the shooting with the german models had to be cancelled.

7 octobre
Shootings nearby Liège

Our plan was to go to Eben Emael, but it's raining cows and pigs (and some other unidentified animals too) and it's nearly impossible to organise the photoshoot. We get in touch with a local photographer and we go to the "tranchée du Caster". Its a man-made trench into the hillside for the Canal Albert between Antwerp and Liège. It was an important waterway to bring raw materials to the steel industry. The canal dates back from 1930. The canal was important for Liège, but it also improved the economic situation of the port of Antwerp who got extra traffic.

The local residents used the hillside to build caves where they cultivated mushrooms. We used to caves waiting for the rain to pass over and took some pictures there. It's more of a sightseeing sortie, with a visit of the canal locks and the Ile Moncin. There was a model swap in the evening, one Kevin is leaving, one is coming.

8 octobre
Shooting Dusseldorf
botanic garden at the university

We planned a small shooting with Kevin, to check the light arrangement while the models are eating. Kevin is a Mister Belgian Style model and has now his own photography studio.

The photoshoot in Dusseldorf at the botanic garden near the university is organised by Scoutmodelbook, a german casting agency. Since the french photographer doesn't speak german nor english, i take care of the german models. They are all new to the job and they can't pose naturally. Its nearly impossible to get good pictures in only two hours: the models should come to Durbuy for a studio shoot, but that seem to be impossible. The german models got bored and didn't take care to look at the other models and learn how to pose. They talked to each other instead of listening to the photographer.

Halfway the shoot i need to take a little rest and some more ibuprofen and the models were busy preparing to leave. Actually, the shooting was just halfway, i had my computer in the car so the models could look at the pictures and check their poses, but the german models didn't seem very interested anymore.

There is one great tradition at the Shooting days. The last evening the models are allowed to go out for the night and the photographers will pick up the models in the early morning. However, there is no nightclub anymore, and the only disco is more than one hour drive away.

9 octobre
Last day at Durbuy

There is still some time left for a photoshoot with Kevin in the village. We are going to the anticlinal, the place is nearly empty in the early morning. The french models are leaving at noon to get home in the evening.

Shooting Days Durbuy
octobre 2011

The anticlinal

Sunset 6 octobre.
Waiting for the models to come back from Duisburg

Internet at “La Calèche”

'studio de photographie'

Scoutmodelbook model from Dusseldorf

Scoutmodelbook model from Dusseldorf

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