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Each shooting days event is quite different from the previous one, and this is again the case for this international shooting days.

We rented a big mansion at Sprimont for one week. The plan was to go shopping and to visit the surroundings during the first days (it was our first stay in the region). The shootings were planned during the holidays (ascension). One should not underestimate the importance of sightseeing before the actual photoshoot event: we found two places of real interest not far from the house. When we drove to places that were available some years ago, we were banned because the place was not available anymore, but was used for a television film setting. Another nice place to go is now completely run down and used by junkies.

The houses we rent are always large enoug with an extended garden

The first shootings were done with some more muscular models who do fitness. I prefer not to work with models who are not motivated and put on their facebook page "what should i do tonite" the day before the shooting. Be assured, these models will not be present at the photoshoot event!

I also invited a more mature model who had already worked for model agencies. Its really nice for new models to work with professional models with lot of experience: how to pose, how to use the accessories,... For the photographers, it's actually also more easy to work with models with experience, but that is not the aim of BMA (the organisation behind the Shooting Days international events).

Stone quarry

Shooting days have a lot of advantages: the photographers and models have time to work more closely together. That's important, even for professional models. Another big advantage is that we don't loose time to pick up each model: they are all staying together. The only driving involved is to the shooting location, and we choose a home location with enough shooting opportunities nearby. The house we choose is always big enough to allow indoor shootings. A studio lighting set is provided.

In the house. part of it is transformed in photo studio

The next day, we have a german model who stays for some days. He's not used that photographers work for free (thats not usual in Germany), and he needs a lot of studio pictures with different clothings. I worked for a model agency in the past and i still dislike those type of standardised studio shoots.

In the afternoon, we go to the waterfalls at Ninglinspo. This sort of shooting is completely different from a formal photoshoot, but that's what makes the Shooting Days so special.

The stone quarry

Next day, shopping day and studio shooting at the house for the models who need studio pictures for their portfolio.

In the afternoon, we go to a nearby stone quarry. There are lot of accessories on the place, and we use them all. The shallow water basin used to clean the trucks is used for the models. A watershoot again!

Big show at the stone quarry

At the end of the day, it's time to drive the models back home, while the other photographers continue their shootings inside the house.

Another model, another style

Next day, we go to Dusseldorf, to get in touch with some German models. Nobody present, only one belgiam model who was in Germany for a photoshoot there. The shooting at the Botanic Garden is a pure formality, and we drive back to Belgium for a shooting at the stone quarry. This more professional model provided for adapted working clothing.

Sprimont 2013

Exercise in the morning.
Never forget your sunglasses!

Model throwing, a new sport activity

Waterfall at Ninglinspo

Show time in the garden

Stone quarry

Stone quarry

And then it's over. Some models who registerd did not come, but the day after you see blurry pictures of them at the local disco, or selfies in the bathroom, with an water closet as background. And they call themselves "professional model"...

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