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The identification of interesting fotoshoot locations is very important for outdoor photographers who specialise in urbex (urban exploration). This must be done each year, again and again, as some great locations are demolished and new locations become available. What was an hot spot one year ago is now a dull office building...

Stone quarry in Sprimont
This is a real-world stone quarry (still active) with all the equipment on site: lorries, marble cutting machines, different water pools. The organisation is able to provide a minimum "working gear" equipment for the models (safety helmet, work gloves,...).

We went again to the stone quarry during the Shooting Days of 2014. Images:

Old coal mine near Liège
It's a relatively small coal mine, but the most impressive part of the site is its huge tower colliery. There are also different rooms that can be used for urbex fotoshoots (rooms with tags, old furniture,...).

For images of the site, look it up in Google. The light is great for a photoshoot in the tower colliery.

However, the site is very run down (most images don't show this) and i think it will be one of the last times that the location will be available (this location is not included in the Shooting Days 2015)

They are some great fotoshoot opportunities nearby if the site is not available, so don't panic! Exemples at the Ile Monsin (facebook page)


This town was once an industrial site with a blast furnace. The blast furnace was closed some 10 years ago and is now part of the new city. The city center houses an academic center dedicated to new technologies. The city has now a very active night life compared to the time when it was a “working class suburb”.

We'll do fotoshoots both in the new city centre and in an old power plant nearby (due to the limited time available for the fotoshoots, this location will not be included in the Shooting Days 2015).


Durbuy is the smallest town in Belgium, but there are some nice locations like the anticlinal (twilight photography when the street lights go on). Very beautiful landscape that can be used as background for a fashion shoot. At walking distance from the house.


Abbaye de Villers-la-Ville
This is an old abbey dating from the Middle Ages. It's frequently used for fotoshoots. The abbey itself is not used by monks anymore. The ruins give a magnificent idea of the live of the Cistercians monks in the 12th. century. This location will not be used for the fotoshoots during the International Shooting Days 2015 in Durbuy.

  • Google image search: Abbaye de Villers-la-Ville

Fort Eben Emael
The fort was build before the second world war to protect our country from an German invasion. At that time, it was one of the biggest forts in the world, but its sheer size didn't help much, as the fort was taken in less than a day.

Diverse buildings (bunkers) and tanks are available on the site.

  • Google image search: Fort Eben Emael

The Albert Canal at Fort Eben Emael. The fort is actually build into the Mount Saint Peter itself and there is a huge panorama from the top of the fort. The Caster cutting through the mount was excavated in the 1920s for the Canal Albert (going from Liège to Antwerp). The fort was actually build just after the cutting was finished, since this cutting created a natural defence.

Some locations for the
Shooting Days Durbuy

During the Shooting Days, we'll plan to go to different locations in the surroundings. These are all quite impressive locations on their own. The choice of the day's location will be decided collectively, taking into account that certain locations are not accessible every day. Pictures of the different locations nearby will be made available.

But we also know that a great photographer can make a perfect picture in a garden, nearby a swimming pool, on a football field,... So it's not all about urbex. It's about model photography in the first place. As you browse the different pages, you will see that there is only a hint of the background: the most important part of the image is the model, not the surroundings. I want to create an atmosphere, not to show the derelict furniture littering the premices.

Shooting Days Sprimont 2013

Esch-sur-Alzette 2012

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