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Durbuy is a nice place with a lot of fotoshoot opportunities. We rent a big house with a swimming pool. This was a good idea, since it rained during one day.

There were 4 photographers and 10 models, which is an ideal combination. The models were very professional, there were at the house at the right time and were very motivated during the shootings.


During the Shooting Days, there is a small session how to do catwalk. This is getting more and more important, since a model must now be able to do the catwalk, even if he hasn't the right size. Catwalk is now performed in less traditional venues (like fashion shows at discos), where the correct size does not matter.

There are two parts that a model must know when doing a catwalk:

  • How to walk, how to turn, where to look, how to stop, and so on.
    This is the physical part that is standard in each show.
  • The choreography (where to walk and turn) is different for each show and depends on the location.
We concentrate on the physical part, with a very simple choreography (forward - stop - forward - stop - turn and walk back). There was one model with some experience and he helped the other models.


We arrived in the afternoon. After removing all our stuff from the cars, we went to Barvaux to do the shopping for the next days. The railroad station is also located in Barvaux, and we picked some people at the station.

In the evening, we installed the mobile photo studio (flashlights) in the garden.


English style breakfast so the models don't need to eat for the rest of the day (hopefully...)

We went to the centre of Durbuy, at the Anticlinal. It started raining when we began our shooting, so we had to continue in a nearby garage. The light was horrible, but this was the only place where we could go when the rain was falling.

The rain stopped after a while and our plan was to go to a second location nearby (the pedestrian's bridge over the river Ourthe) but the models were hungry and we had to find them in a nearby fast food restaurant. When everybody was ready again, it started raining again and we couldn't go to the second location, which was the best place in town.

In the evening, we did a fotoshoot at the swimming pool and in the garden (when it was not raining). The studio lights were installed at the swimming pool.


I went to town early to get some fresh bread. The models are still sleeping. We went to Sprimont at arond 10 in the morning. This was a very nice place (i did some shootings there in the preceeding years). The german photographers are not used in doing fotoshoot in "urbex" location, they seem to prefer public parks ans alleys. There is no raining and the pictures are great. Most of the images presented were taken in Sprimont (so it's normal we lack some models who were not present on sunday).

The international photographers leaved in the late afternoon and i did some cleaning. The model's rooms were full of empty bottles. After a power nap i drove home at night to avoid the early morning traffic jams around Brussels. I can do the driving at night in 2h30, while it takes me 3h30 when there is a moderate traffic (around midday) and 4h30 in the morning and evening.

It was one of the best Shooting Days, but it was a pity the weather was not so fine. For the photographers, a week-end is too short: a photographer is only able to work with a model during two hours. The next Shooting Days will be in Germany, nearby Aachen (4 - 8 May) and in the Netherlands (Zandvoort) in July. The models will be able to stay for one or more nights like in Durbuy.

It can take some time while the pictures are being loaded...

Shooting Days
Durbuy 2015

Using a camera in a wet and warm place

If you don't pay attention, dew will form inside your equipment when going from a relatively cold place to a warm and humid place like a swimming pool. It's very difficult to remove the dew (it takes hours and hours to get rid of the humidity inside the camera).

To avoid the formation of dew, place the camera with the right lenses in an airtight and light bag in the warm room, to let the camera warm up. After 30 minutes, you can remove the camera from the bag. Once the camera is at room temperature, there will be no dew formation anymore.

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