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Each year, there are two International Shooting Days organised by Belgium Model Academy (besides single day group shootings). This was one of the best events ever.

The september Shooting Days are organised during the last week end of september. We rented a house in Durbuy. Our plan was to work with not too much models and photographers, so we rent a smaller house than the one we rent normally.

Our aim was to visit completely Vogelsang (description of the place in french and in dutch). But there were so much models that i didn't have any time to visit the museum.

We arrived at Durduy friday afternoon, we did some shopping in Barvaux and then walked in Durbuy. You can visit everything in town in 30 minutes (and have a beer too). A third model arrived late in the evening.

Saturday, 1st of October

This is the starting day of the fotoshoots. We pick up a photographer in Barvaux and then continue our journey to Vogelsang in Germany. A german photographer joins us and brings with him another model. Most of the pictures were taken in Vogelsang, it's a great location with very diverse settings.

It's a long way to Vogelsang (more than two hours driving, and then back in the evening). We will go to Vogelsang again for the next International Shooting Days, but we plan a starting place that is more accessible. It took us nearly an hour to get from Durbuy to any highway.

I still need to pick up a last model at night. He's coming with the latest train. The train is late, but that's normal, since the latest train always wait for connections. But no model on the train. It's nearly midnight when i'm back.

Shooting Days
Durbuy, Vogelsang and Liège

Sunday, 2nd of October

I wake up at 8 in the morning to prepare a warm breakfast for the models and the photographers (scrambled eggs, bacon and lots of cheese). Everybody can prepare a lunch: with five eggs, bacon and cheese you can't get hungry during the day.

Today we go to Liège, the Fort de la Chartreuse and a railroad bridge at the Ile Monsin. Since the weather is getting cold, we stay in the fort. Two photographers bring one model.

Two models who registered didn't arrive. It's a pity, because other people who registered later were barred because the available places are limited.

After a very short night, we left the house at three in the morning. Here too it was a long way to the highway. There was some fog and it took us nearly one hour to get to the highway.

It was one of the best Shooting days ever, and even the rainy weather of the last day could not sink the morale of the participants. There is only a very limited selection of images posted here. Each model will receive between 30 and 50 pictures from the photographers. To get more sample pictures, please visit our facebook page "Belgium Model Academy vzw". You can already register for our next International Shooting Days on the facebook page (24 to 28 of May).

The Shooting Days are the ideal event to get in touch with photographers and other models, to exchange information about model agencies, to talk about fitness and so on. There is accomodation provided for all models (free of charge).

The place where we will stay is not set yet, but we'll look for a place nearby Liège or Verviers. These locations are easily accessible by train or by car.

The system is the same as always: we prefer to work in small groups so that each model can work with each photographer. Not for thirty minutes (including the break), but for one or two hours. We don't work with strict schedules and a stopwatch, we are an easy going group. Our aim is to provide opportunities to work in close cooperation with difeerent international photographers.

Each model is different, and it can take some time to find the right poses. Each photographer works also differently and it takes some time to get used to the photographer. We don't want identical pictures for each person, we want outstanding pictures.

There are no costs for the participating models (only transportation). We don't work with sponsors who want that the models wear their clothes. We want some artistic freedom.

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