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The international shooting days were planning for one week, so that we could wordt without stress. There were less people present each day, but we had more photographers and models during the whoe event compared to the same event a year ago.

There were days when we could take a break and do the shopping. Instead of listing the program of each day, i will show you some locations.

The house is ideal for a fotoshoot inside, with large rooms with a lot of light during the morning. There are alo sport fields and a in house private swimming pool.

The gardens can also be used fot fotoshoots; the gardens are so large that multiple photographers can work there in the different parts.

One of the place where we always go when we are in Huy is the lock at Andenne. It's some km from the house and photographers can go to the location for a short shooting, while the other photographers stay at the house.

We also went to the former bottling plant of Spontin. This is a typical urbex location, one of the few urbex locations still available. There is no money to do something with old factories. Some are sold to building companies, and that's not good news. These companies have enough money to tear down the buildings.

Light and shadows

Some models are leaving during the shooting days, and other models come. Those models who lives nearby come for one day to the house or to the location. International models can stay at the house.

The gardens are so large we can do a catwalk

We don't go each year to the gardens of the University of Liège. Because the location is a bit limited in terms of possibilities, we will go to another place afterwards, like the Monument Interallié (not far from Liège Guillemins) and the Fort de la Chartreuse. At the Monument Interallié we can pick up models who arrive at the railroad station. In 2023 we will combine this location with Ile Monsin.

But we always go to the Fort de la Chartreuse, and this certainly in 2022, because the site was sold to a construction promoter to put service flats in its place.

Normally we don't see much people at the fort, except this year, when the news broke that the fort will be demolished. Local people seem to have rediscovered the fort, but we have also lots of Dutch people visiting the fort. There are no derelect builings in the Netherlands. When one builing is not used anymore it is torn down and replaced by something particulary ugly.

We went also to the abbey of Villers la Ville, a nice place if there are not too much people, and this day there were not much models present.

There will be a new website for the international shooting days with practical information about the different events: what to bring with you, the addresses and timing of the shootings,... The site is optimised for smartpones and makes browsing more easy.

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Villa Mosa Huy
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Shooting at the house

In the gardens

Bottling plant in Spontin

At the house

Gardens of the University Liège

Fort de la Chartreuse

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