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Le Relais de la Poste, Comblain la Tour

may 2023

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The International Shooting days taking place during the extended weekend of Ascension Day have become a tradition. In recent years we have been going to the same house so we know where the nearby shops are, where there are interesting places, etc.


We arrive on Wednesday afternoon, and after unpacking we do a photo shoot on the nearby sports fields. Because the house is located in the valley, close to the water, there is no sunlight in the evening. Taking good photos becomes difficult, everything takes on a gray complexion.

A model with an athletic build got a girlfriend and is getting fatter (typical). He was mostly interested in the Shooting days to show off his new bike.


On Thursday we go to the old bottling plant of Spontin. Spontin used to be a well-known brand of spring water like Spa, but was acquired by Spa to remove a competitor from the market. Spontin then specialized in lemonades, the factories were sold several times before eventually going bankrupt. The spring water pumped in Spontin now goes directly to Brussels via a long pipe.

Demolition works are underway and it is probably the last time we will go to Spontin. The central heating boiler has been demolished and there is actually nothing left of the installations. It has become a large, empty warehouse.

Two models had come from the Best Model for Belgium competition, but they only brought black clothes. These clothes do not fit well with the location, which is predominantly industrial (urbex) and rather dark. I always try to find locations where a theme can be developed (in this case: urbex). For fashion photos, the garden of the house or the sports fields across the street are sufficient.


We went to our traditional location, the fort of Chartreuse. On the way I drive via Liège Guillemins railroad station to pick up a model.

At this moment there is no longer any danger that the fort would be demolished to build apartment buildings. The fortress is located in a large park: I tried to walk around the park, which takes about 2 hours.


A new and easily accessible location for Saturday: the Mémorial Interallié and the Liège Guillemins railroad station. We had already been there the year before: I prefer to choose easily accessible locations where there are sufficient opportunities for different styles of photography. We park at the Mémorial and then walk to the station. A number of models are dropped off at the station and then we return home.

You may not notice it immediately, but the portrait crop photos have been adjusted to Instagram sizes so that they can be posted without the images being cropped. The photos used to be posted on Facebook (where there are no rules about the size of the photos), but most people are no longer on Facebook. We get most of our models via Instagram.


It was very hot all week and everyone is tired. We go to a place near the house, the Sprimont marble quarry. We were also planning to do a photo shoot in the water, but the models that remained on Sunday were absolutely not interested in this type of pictures. They are fashion girls.

I had also invited a new photographer, but it turned out that he did not fit well into the group and we will not invite him anymore.

It is difficult to find people who fit in well with our group, both models and photographers.

And then the event was over...

But a month later we have another International Shooting Days, this time in Huy.

Our next shooting days in Comblain la Tour are planned from wednesday 8 may till sunday 12 may.





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