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August 2023

More information about the International Shooting Days 2024

The last international shooting days of the year took place in Vogelsang. More information about this exceptional location can be found via the link.

Since last year we have not stayed at K13 (a kind of hotel/youth hostel), but we have gone to Nabear. The service in the hotel was not too good, and whatever period we reserved, the period was already fully booked. Nabear is a private house that is also used by a nature conservation association.

The shooting days system is more compatible with a private home where participants have more freedom, than a hotel where you have to stay in a room and the common areas have to be shared with other guests.

Here we also notice a trend that has been going on for some time: even in Germany, German photographers have difficulty finding German models. A German model was actually invited by a Dutch photographer.

On the first day we do a photo shoot indoors in the evening, that's a well etablished tradiotion. Although there are several suitable locations in the house, the shooting was chosen in the patio on the side of the building. The windows are covered to prevent reflections. In general, the models do not enjoy working with the German photographers (even the German models have difficulty with that): the German photographers install themselves on one side and no longer move. The stage directions are also very limited.

We stay at the location for these shooting days: there are enough interesting places in the camp so that you do not have to go any further. The camp is located in the middle of a nature reserve, so there is nothing to find nearby. It is about a 30 minute drive to the first pizza place.

The first day I explored the water purification station of the Belgian soldiers. This station is no longer used, a second station has been placed close to the river. During a second exploration I found a second interesting location in the camp. This will be for an individual photo shoot or for the following shooting days.

We went to the Victor Neels Bridge and Malakoff. Malakoff is ideal when I have to wait for new models, because finding the way to the house is difficult (the road is closed halfway).

We ate once in the restaurant on site, and I must say that German "Gastronomie" has improved considerably compared to our previous visit. There were also many more people present, people got to know the camp and its extraordinary history.

The next shooting days in Vogelsang are planned from Thursday, August 15 (public holiday in Belgium) to Sunday, August 18.

Three international shooting days are planned in 2024.

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