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This is a list of the previous events (international shooting days).

Organisations involved:
  • NMA New Models Agency — Denis Wöhler
  • DMA DAP Models Academy — Guy Croisiaux
  • BMA Belgium Model Academy — Marc Doigny
Denis Wöhler died in 2011, and we work with Guy Croisiaux only for single day events.

Our aim since 2004 has always been to organise collaborative events. Each photographer can organise a single photoshoot, but it's much more fun (and more preparation too) to organise Shooting Days, where models and photographers from different countries can meet, organise fotoshoot and discuss different topics associated with the modelling and fitness world. BMA (Belgium Model Academy) is the non-for-profit organisation behind the Shooting Days and other events.

We dont want to create a big event with 20 or more people: this makes the logistics more complicated, we loose time picking people at the railroad station, some people are always too late,... It's not possible to drive early in the morning to some intresting locations if we must wait to some people at the meeting points: all people must be there the night before, and this limits the number of available places, since we want to provide adequate accomodation and not a sleeping bag to our guests.

Too much people mean that there will be constant changes of models and photographers (and each model and photographer has his own favorite). There is no time to make a good fotoshoot, because one hour later there will be again a swich in the models and photographers (i know, i did fotoshoots for different Mister competitions). So that's the reason we prefer to keep it small, beautiful and exclusive. We prefer to rent a house with a swimming pool for 12 guests, than to rent cheap student rooms with nearly no facilities. List of Shooting Days 2010 - 2014
List of Shooting Days 2015 - 2019
List of Shooting Days 2020 - ...

Our next events: International shooting days 2023

List of previous events
2004 - 2009

Military photoshoot may 2009
Single day photoshoot on an old military base. In the afternoon we went to a nearby sand processing plant. The sand is collected at the surface and shallow depth and is cleaned.
VII International Shooting days Spring 2009
A shooting days event at Tombeek (Sanatorium Joseph Lemaire) and Beringen-Mijn. Our meeting place was in Aachen, where we rent an appartment. Most of the models were from Germany. This was the last Shooting days with Denis Wöhler, who died a year later.
VI International Shooting Days France septembre 2008
Shooting days for one week in september in France, with two groups of models from different countries.
V International Shooting Days Munich juin 2008
Shooting Days event in Munich in june 2008. Three photographers were present and we did photoshoots in different locations. The belgian photographers worked mostly with the german models, and the german photographer worked with the belgian models.
Speedmasters 2008
A single day event at the local biker's shop, with big bikes and all the equipment, like leather gear. This type of shoot in collaboration with a shop was repeated every year.
IV International Shooting days septembre 2007, France
This was a different kind of shooting compared with the shootings of 2006. There were less models involved and each photographer worked with one single model for the whole day.

We went also to Belgium for a single day shooting with some belgian models.

III International Shootings june 2007, Allemagne
The first shooting days event is traditionally held in june. This time we were invited to Munich. This region is completely different compared with the rest of Germany: it's a more traditionally inclined region, with strong conservative political parties.
II International Shooting days septembre 2006
It was the first Shooting Days event that was held in France. We rented a house nearby Cap Blanc-Nez. It was the first truly international event with a mix of international photographers and models.

Some more info about the shooting days of 2006 (Dutch)

I International Shooting days septembre 2005
Second Shooting Days event, again with home base in Ostend, but we went twice to the Pas-ce-Calais region in France. Since this is a much more interesting location, the next shooting days were held in France. Each day, we worked with half of the models, and the other group was free to do some sightseeing in town.
International Shooting days 2004
The first Shooting Days were hold in Ostend. Most professional photographers were still shooting on film. The number of photographers was quite limited at that time, since good photographic gear was extremely expensive: you could work with film like most professional photographers did at that time (and film was expensive), or switch to digital with a reduction in image quality.

This event was a try-out and is not numbered (we did two events, one in june and one in september).

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