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The identification of interesting fotoshoot locations is very important for outdoor photographers who specialise in urbex (urban exploration). This must be done each year, again and again, as some great locations are demolished and new locations become available. What was an hot spot one year ago is now a dull office building...

The International Shooting Days France 2015 will be held in the département du Pas-de-Calais in the Northern part of France (less than one hour drive from the border with Belgium). There is no “péage autoroutier” in this part of France. Not yet.

We'll go to different places: an old castle on the beach in Ambleteuse (with a river nearby to provide drinking water during the numerous wars with England), the remains of the second war with german bunker (on different locations), the fishing port and the town centre of Boulogne-sur-Mer, and of course the Cap Blanc-Nez and Cran d'Escalles. There are shops nearby to buy some military stuff (clothing and accessories) for the people interested.

The region is one of the most beautiful one of France. They are enough locations to do shootings each day for a month. The same chalk cliffs are also visible in England (Dover). In France the cliffs start north of Cap Blanc-Nez and continue to Dieppe and further.

We rent a house nearby the beach and of course we'll do some shootings at the beach if the weather is fine.

During the Shooting Days, we'll plan to go to different locations in the surroundings. These are all quite impressive locations on their own. The choice of the day's location will be decided collectively.

The shootings are about model photography in the first place. Our aim is to provide great shooting opportunities for new models, but also to teach them the basics of the modelling business: different types of agencies, beauty pageants, photographers and organisations. Our organisation doesn't do nude photography: we specialise in fashion photography (casual, fitness, beachwear,...).

German, Belgian and French models and photographers are invited. Please contact us for more information.

It's not the first time we went to this place, but not all of our International Shooting Days are organised in this region. These are some images of the previous ISD in France (our organisation is active since 2004):

One thematic fotoshoots in the region (one day shootings):

Other non-thematic fotoshoots were organised in the region (one day events).

While we loved to go to France (we still go on shooting for a single day event), it's sometimes difficult to get models to the place. There is no public transportation and we need to drive back to Belgium to pick the models at the railroad station of Ostend.

After 2015, we decided to work at the borders of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. We went to Aachen, Liège and Vogelsang, see a description on the page of the International Shooting Days.

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