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This military photoshoot was organised in an old military base in Geel. Afterward we went to a nearby water place in Lommel.

The military style photoshoot is not an event for "typical" models, but for more mature ones. It was a one day event.

The military base was not used anymore (at the end of the cold war, the number of belgian soldiers was halved). And of course some military bases were left empty. All the material was still available on the spot, and we used some of it.

There were 7 models and 4 photographers present. For some of the photographers it was their first group shooting (most photographers work on a one-to-one base, not in a group). Learning to work together (as model or photographer) is the principal aim of our organisation. As an organisation, we are able to provide the accessories for such a photoshoot event and to get the proper accreditation to enter the military site (it was still an official NATO base and the perimeter was guarded by military police).

The sand in this particular region is used to make cement and concrete. The net effect of the sand on the local climate is very important: it's very hot in the summer and extremely cold in winter, because sand doesn't pick up the heat. This region has his own micro-climate.

The sand in Lommel is pumped out of the ground and lakes are formed. The lakes are very deep, and some of them are even used by divers as a training place and to test their equipment (there is nothing to see in the water).

A security and military style photoshoot is repeated every two years as single day event or included in the Shooting Days. Nearly all urbex places (urban exploration) are fine for such a photoshoot event. In 2012 we went to the North of France, where there are lot of bunkers from the second world war.


Military Style 2009

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