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Beginning in 2008, we tried to organise each year a "Speedmasters" photoshoot with big bikes, leather suits and all the accessories.

The different "Speedmaster" photoshoots were sponsored by different shops who made the event possible by providing access to their shop and to the equipment needed for the shooting.

Like a Shooting Day, there were always more than one photographer present, but a Speedmaster photoshoot is a single day event.

The "Speedmasters" photoshoot was one of the many event organised in collaboration with businesses.

At that time our aim was to work in conjunction with different companies to provide them with flyers and promotional material that was created during the photoshoot event. On the other hand, the models were able to work in a very professional environment, like a real photoshoot for a business. Part of the shop was transformed in a photoshudio with all the flash lights and tethered computers to be able to view directly the images. We worked with several clothing companies selling modern brands

However, the real problem was working with the models. The owners need to get in touch with the models to prepare clothing and accessoiries, but most of the models didn't respond. It's not only the size of the clothing that's important, but some sort of garment works well with one type of model and doesn't look good with another model. These things must be prepared well in advance.

In fact, the models were very unprofessional, both to the company who provided the accessories and clothing, and to us, who organised the whole event.

We are used to models who are not that professional, and when we need 5 models for some sort of photoshoot, we invite 10 of them to be sure, but companies don't work that way. When they ask for 5 specific models, they want those 5 models, not two of them and three "spare models" that were found on facebook the last days because we didn't hear anything from the models selected.

In the long run, that gave us a very bad image, and we reduced the number of shootings for companies. In the last year, we provided only one professional shooting event, and again it was quite a failure due to the models.

Most of the models who were selected went to a party the day before and looked like zoombies the day of the shoot (and they were late, too). The only model who was just in time, was a model who was not selected. And he was not selected because he was quite ugly. The shop hadn't prepared clothes for him and the owners had to find the right stuff in a hurry...

Not all models are like that, of course. But the company (or a modelling agency) need a very specific type of person, not just somebody who happens to have a spare day to do a shooting. They expect some sort of professionalism (the look, the attitude, to arrive on time, to respond to mails,...) that our models were not able to provide.

Of course, not all models were unprofessional, the models who worked with us were quite good, but when a company asks for 5 specific models and only get two of them, it's very bad business!

So that's how we ended the photoshoots for companies.

Speedmasters 2008

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